Thursday, May 9, 2013

Michael Todd True Organics Product Review

I have been trying out these Michael Todd True Organics skin care products for a good five months and as a whole, I'm very impressed by the quality of these products. What I love most is that they are made with certified organic ingredients, no added water, paraben and sulfate free, and made without synthetic fragrances  or artificial dyes. I bought the acne/oily skin regimen, which included the Charcoal Detox gel cleanser, Kaolin Clay facial mask,  Blue Green Alge toner, Jojoba Charcoal Scrub (in a different picture down below,) and the Antioxidant Carrot multivitamin serum.  Apart from that I bought the Organic Lemon toner when I ran out of the Blue Green Alge one.


My favorite out of this whole bunch is the Charcoal Detox gel cleanser, it really gives you that clean face feeling that is so amazing to us girls that wear makeup. It is a black gel and  has a very herbal-y sent. Most of the Michael Todd products have that smell and I happen to enjoy it. Oh and it literally takes off ALL your makeup!

Okay, now this Kaolin Clay detoxifying facial mask was not so great for me. I'm still trying to finish it up but I would not recommend it if you have sensitive skin. As soon as you put this mask on your face, it is supposed to burn for a few minutes and then have a cooling sensation after, I of course appreciate the after feeling! I can't tell if it has really made a difference in my skin but I do like the fact that it is not drying in any way like most clay masks. 

Now on to toners, I tone every morning before I put my moisturizer on. I really love both of these toners! The Blue Green alge toner was amazing! It is an antibacterial toner and helps aid prevention in problem skin. The ingredients in this toner really blew me away, and this was the first Michael Todd product of mine to be empty since I loved to basically drench my face in it. I'm now using the Organic Lemon toner and I'm hoping for it to brighten the discoloration in my skin. Really liking the out come of it so far!

I don't really have much to say about the Antioxidant Carrot serum, haven't noticed a difference in my skin by using it. I was mixing it in with my moisturizer in the morning and it did not help my makeup go on smooth. So I suggest using this at night with your night time moisturizer. Who knows you may end up loving it.  

The final item that I've used from Michael Todd is this Jojoba Charcoal facial scrub, and the color of this is a blackish gray like the cleanser, so dont be alarmed by it. It is the charcoal haha! This scrub does everything that it claims to do and I was very pleased by it, makes my skin nice and smooth!

Hope you found this helpful, I would really suggest this brand to anyone!