Friday, July 26, 2013

Inglot Review and Tutorial

How goes it everyone?! It feels like I haven't put up a post in quite sometime, sorry! I've been swamped with beauty school and work. But anyways, enough of that, I have a review and tutorial for you:) Inglot, yes Inglot is the name of this amazing makeup line. They are usually at all the makeup trade shows, online for your convenience, and have a counter in Macy's Fashion Valley, San Diego. Which ironically is where I live. They have the most beautifully pigmented shadows, sparkling glitters, and much much more. I strongly recommend checking them out. 

Inglot shadows used: 328, 153, 450

Step 1: Prime those lids!
Step 2: Apply Inglot shadow 450 on entire lid
Step 3: Use a taupe shadow in the crease (didn't show up on camera too much, but its there!)
Step 4: Add Inglot shadow 153 on inner corner and blend together with the lid shadow
Step 5: Put that same taupe shade on the bottom lash line
Step 6: Use Inglot's 328 on the brow-bone for a matte highlight 
Step 7: Add eyeliner and mascara and you're done!

I have another review coming soon so keep checking back on my blog, or follow me:) 
Thanks so much! -Jessica<3