Monday, February 10, 2014

Stila Stay All Day & Magnificent Metals Review

Hey guys! Ready to hear about some awesome products I'm loving from good ole Stila? I've been using the Stay All Day foundation as my go to recently. So amazing, I'll go a little more in detail. But first I also have to say that the Magnificent Metals eyeshadow in metallic peach is a BEAUT. 

The Stay All day foundation is medium to full coverage in my opinion and has a natural demi-matte finish. I really love this foundation because it makes the skin look so flawless and not cakey. It literally lasts ALL DAY, even with my extremely oily skin. Still amazed that it keeps up very well through all the oil, and I've gotten so many compliments on how nice my skin looks when I wear this awesome base. This foundation is also hydrating and has anti aging benefits (which I just found out.) It also comes with a creamy full coverage concealer and a brush. It's a one stop shop! My preferred way to apply it is with a damp sponge and that works really well for me. I wear shade fair #2 and it seems to match pretty well with my fair yellow skin tone. This foundation retails at $44, pretty pricey but well worth it since you get more then just a foundation. 

Now, for my glitter lovers..the Magnificent Metals eyeshadow is super unique and unlike any eyeshadow in my collection. It has a soft, creamy, foil like texture. Weird to explain. But it is so fun to play with :) This shadow comes with a stay all day primer and a mixing tray. There are different ways to to apply this, and I found it to be a little tricky. When I dipped my finger in the product and put it straight onto my lid, it became to be chunky and flakey so I tried a different method. The best way was to mix in a drop of the primer in the tray and take some of the shadow with my finger, mix the two and pat it on my lid. The outcome is a metallic, glitter, foiled awesome eye lid, it's soooo pretty I cant resist. I have the color metallic peach which is a soft peachy shade. Retails at $32.

Catch ya next week for another post! :)